Louka Monastery in Znojmo

Visitors’ Centre of the Winery Znovín Znojmo and the Town of Znojmo Louka Monastery is the most imposing building in Znojmo.


Louka Monastery is one of the most significant monastery complexes in Central Europe, founded in 1190 in Louka by Znojmo appanage duke Konrad Ota with his mother, was up to 1784, when it was abolished, the centre of the artistic, economic and spiritual life of the Znojmo region. The Premonstratensians considerably had merit in the development and enhancement of the local viticulture. The company Znovín Znojmo continued on with the historical wine-growing traditions and thanks to them the monumental Baroque complex has started to come back to life again. Maturing in huge monastery cellars are almost a million bottles of wine, available for the guests is the Visitors‘ Centre and excellently stocked wine shop, Art Gallery and the Museum of wine-growing and coopery.

Visitors’ Centre and tasting of wines in Louka Monastery

A detailed information about all activities of the company of Znovín Znojmo included wine tours is available in the Louka Monastery Visitor´s Centre. Leaflets in English and German are available at the entrance of the reception hall. You will be invited to visit unique Premonstratensians cellars where almost 1.000.000 bottles have been aging in ideal temperature conditions. There is an excellent wine shop there, an art gallery and an interesting exhibition of wine-making and coopery. The town of Znojmo can be reached by the Tourist Sightseeing Train. Ask for free brochure in English and enjoy the trip through the old town.


Mont Pré Wine Sauvignon Blanc from Znojmo Wine Region is appreciated by wine-connoissers. Znojmo Rhine Riesling has always great aging potential and fabulous fruity tones. A blend of these two classic world-known varities Rhine Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc celebrates the long history of Louka Monastery connected with the Premostratensians. The name of the wine is derived from the name of the French valley „Premontré“ where the order of Premonstratensians was established. 

Opening hours - Visitor Centre
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Mon-Sun: 9:00-18:00
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Contact phone: +420 515 267 458, E-mail: nc@znovin.cz

Visit of Louka Monastery

Louka monastery exterior

Should you be interested in the history of the Louka Monastery and visit places where visitors usually cannot see? Then accept our invitation for an organised tour. The programme starts in the Visitors’ Centre, it continues through the Art Gallery, Romanesque crypt, Coopery and wine-making museum, Stucco halls and wine cellars. A tour is completed by wine-tasting offi ve samples of wine. Every visitor will receive a stylish souvenir – “winetaster”. Drivers and abstinents will be offered a glass of wine with the content of 0,187 l. For the groups above 15 persons booked in advance we can adjust a tour according to your requirements.

Louka monastery corridor

Tour takes circa 120 min, entrance fee – children 60 CZK, adults 150 CZK/person including wine-tasting and a “wine-taster” souvenir.

Stucco hall

One of the most valuable monuments in the Louka Monastery as well as in the Czech Republic is the unique Romanesque-Gothic crypt hidden underground of the monastery church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St. Wenceslas. Several times lost and discovered again it now surprises visitors with its ancient beauty. A visit to the crypt is involved in the regular tours of the monastery complex.

Opening hours - Louka Monaastery
irregularly after booking by the phone
in season daily
Mon-Sun: 9:00 - 18:00
irregularly after booking by the phone

Contact phone: +420 515 267 458, E-mail: nc@znovin.cz

Wine shop

The wine Shop in Louka Monastery offers a great assortment of different kind of wines. You can treat yourself with a bottle of admirable wine or buy a bottle of an exciting Moravian sparkling wine for exmaple. Varietal wines are usually offered young and fresh. The typical Moravian varieties are Palava, Moravian Muscat or Gruner Veltiner. But you can also ask for old vintage wines. There several brand wines to be recommended: Dan Ermite… Selection of wine gifts and wine brochures are always availabel too.


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