Moravia is heaven for serious sweet wines: Riesling Icewine - Regional Trophy at Decanter World Wine Awards 2010. Gorgeous, crystallized lemon and grapefruit flavours that only come from real Riesling. A lovely rose petal Gewurztraminer from Znovín Znojmo, Traminer Selection of Berries - Decanter Gold Medal.

Extracts from Decanter Magazine

...Sauvignon Blanc from Znovin is always piquant and refreshing, Traminers are fabulous, Rhine Riesling great for almost all meals, Gruner Veltliner is a fast rising European star, Ice wine is a treat and exquisite straw wine awarded by prestigious golden Decanter medal simply the best...

Nicolas Butler, Australian flying winemaker, wine director of the Bottle Green, Leeds, UK

…fat, rich wines from Znovin... special, aromatic, big nose and fruity from the The Sunday Times Wine Club leaflet

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