Old Vineyards In Havraníky

The Winery Znovín Znojmo is a staunch supporter of the wine tours. It is often said that once the customer know what the particular vineyard looks like and knows the background, where the wine comes from, he/she has a different and much warmer relationship to the wine itself. The microclimate of some vine-sites of Znojmo Wine Region is very special and it helps to raise quality of local wines dramatically.


The most famous vineyards are in the Sobes Hill and old village of Havraníky. The old wine-making village of Havraníky is not so far from the Šobes vineyard. The village is famous for very long wine cellars – some of them several hundred meters. The company’s wine stand in Havraníky vineyard offers six samples of wine. While sipping cold wine you can enjoy a nice view to the countryside where a mysterious chapel stands. A legend says that a visit to the local Calvary in 1680 helped to heal the bout of the plague. Later in 1815 a chapel consecrated to Virgin Mary was erected there to commemorate this mysterious healing. The area belongs to the Podyjí National Park. Local moorland is a unique habitat of xerophilous fauna e.g. praying mantis, hoopoe and lizards also meadow fescue, heather and dyer’s broom.