Vineyards Šobes in Podyjí National Park

One of the oldest and most picturesque wine-growing locations in Moravia. The Šobes vineard belonging to Znovín’s portfolio is located in the heart of National Park Podyjí. Vineyards are situated on a southern slope of a craggy spit where meandering river Dyje/Thaya creates a peninsula with an exceptional microclimate similar to some places of the river Rhone area or in the valley of the river Rhine.


The high quality wine varieties, such as Rhine Riesling and Pinot, are grown here. In summer, there is a company’s stand open, offering tasting of exquisite wines directly in the vineyard. The Znojmo Wine Region is sometimes called “Alsace of the East” as it has similar geological structure of gneiss bottom 800 million years old and climatic conditions, moreover, as French Alsace it is demarked by 48° and 49° parallel. Due to the rotation of hot sunny days and cold nights the grapes mellow slowly and become more aromatic than in other regions. Wines of Znojmo Wine Region are exceptionally aromatic with special mineral hints and fresh acidity that gives them inimitable taste. In 1999 Šobes Rhine Riesling vintage 1997 was chosen as the best representative of the local terroir in Paris 1000 World Best Wines Tasting.

Opening hours - Wine-tasting stall
June-August Mon-Sun: 9:00 - 18:00
April, May, September Sat-Sun, public holidays: 9:00 - 18:00

Vineyard can be visited all year round. Šobes is found on the Greenways international cycling route.